Class Levels


You’ve been taking regular Lindy Hop classes for at least a year and are enthusiastic about learning more! You feel comfortable mixing basic rhythms, such as groove walks, charleston steps, triple steps etc., and can incorporate a few swing-out variations to your dancing. You alternate structures of 6 and 8 counts fluently and have integrated them in your social dancing. You dance to different mid tempos with ease. You would like to improve your dance vocabulary and connection with your partner, but still feel the need to improve your overall dancing technique. In addition, you know some basic solo jazz rhythms and steps.


You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for a minimum of 2 years and you love it! You attend regular classes and social dances, and have attended local and international workshops before. You are comfortable dancing to various mid to faster tempos. You can incorporate different rhythms and variations into your partner dancing and occasionally even come up with your own variations. You are able to connect with various dance partners and adapt your dancing to fit each individual dancer. You may be familiar with other styles of swing dancing (such as Balboa, Blues or Shag), and you’d love to get some new ideas on how you can expand your dancing knowledge and experience. You know a wide variety of solo jazz steps and enjoy exploring your own personal body movement.


You are a bonafide Lindy Hop dancer and you practically live on the dance floor! You have been dancing for years and you regularly attend classes and social dances, as well as international workshops and festivals. You may even be a teacher on your local scene. You are able to quickly master new steps and variations. You have a wide repertoire of figures and variations, but you are always up for new challenges. You feel comfortable dancing to any tempo of music, including faster tempos. You love working on your dancing technique and understand that the quality of movement is more important than mastering a large number of dance figures. You can dance fluently to slow and faster music without disturbing the connection with your dance partner, all the while maintaining your balance and timing. You love solo jazz and see it as a vital tool to improving your partner dancing and understanding of jazz music.

Note: We love your enthusiasm! However, we simply ADORE your realism 😉 Please make sure you sign up for the level that truly fits your dancing experience, and help us create a quality class experience for each and every one of you!

*Auditions: All participants registered for the Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced track will have a mandatory audition on Friday, 17 June 2022, before the start of the first workshop (exact time and location TBA). The purpose of this is to help us confirm you have indeed signed up for a level suitable for you and possibly suggest a change of class level, should your evaluators (the teachers at the festival) find it necessary to move you to a higher or lower level.