Shake The Change Competitions

Dear dancers! 

In order to get everybody ready for our fabulous Shake the Change Festival 2023 competitions, we are sharing the general rules and guidelines for each competition category ahead of time. 

Best of luck to everyone who’s planning to compete!


‘Single Shake’ is our endearing way of saying ‘Show us your kickass solo!’

Our SOLO JAZZ  competition will be taking place to live music provided by the incredible Reverent Juke. 

PRELIMINARIES: Competitors will be asked to take a spot on the dancefloor and dance to three songs (a warm-up, mid-tempo and a faster-tempo song) in an all-skate format.

FINALS: Single Shake finalists will also have the opportunity to dance to live music, this time in a spotlight format. First, each finalist will have an opportunity to dance to 1 full chorus (16 x 8), then ½ chorus (8 x 8), and, finally, the finals will finish with an all-skate jam of all the solo dancers jazzing it out on the dancefloor together.

The approximate tempo of music you’ll be dancing to is:

First chorus 180bpm

Second 190bpm

and All Skate 200bpm.


Our Double Shake competition is all about mixing and matching & partner dancing. In short, it is a classic MIX ‘N’ MATCH competition 😉

The format is pretty standard:

PRELIMINARIES: You will be matched with a random partner by our competition MC and asked to dance to three songs (a warm-up, and two other tunes) in an all-skate format.

FINALS: If you and your partner make it to the finals (hurray for you guys!), you will be dancing to 1 full chorus (16 x 8) and ½ chorus (8 x 8), in spotlight format. When everybody gets their turn, it’s all skate time! #swingouthard

The competition will take place to live music performed by Reverent Juke. The tempo of music you’ll be dancing to is:

First Chorus: 160bpm

Second chorus: 175bpm

and All Skate: 190bpm


You can tell that things are getting juicy when THREE creative dancers get together and come up with a cool dance sequence or two, performed to live music provided by the generous and jazzy Reverent Juke! This is exactly what our Triple Shake competition is all about. It’s GROUP SEQUENCE time!

For this FABULOUS cocktail of dance competition fun, you will need:

3 dancers 

2 exits (1 full chorus (16 x 8) and ½ chorus (8 x 8)

1 all skate exit to bring it aaall home!

This is how it’s going to go down: your trio group is lined up with the others and you all take turns dancing – a full chorus, ½ chorus and an all-skate finish. 

Your 2 exits can either be choreographed in advance or you can decide to risk it and improvise … it’s up to you! All we want is to see you dance in a group of three, get creative and have fun! 

Important note: The tempo of the music you’ll be dancing to will be 180-200bpm.

We look forward to seeing all of your playful and badass ideas!